Dana Bolton

New Boho Designs

Just a few pictures of recently developed new designs, literally just hot off the press!  Charlotte design has so many lovely details I don’t know where to start! From the cutaway shoulder line to the wow factor open back. My favourite detail has to be the lace that skims the hem at the front. Oh! not to forget the covered button fastening detail too

Made with French Calais lace that has a crochet style folksy lace trim at the back, and silk georgette.

Chloe design. New addition to my collection.


This amazing spot tulle is actually a French Lace. Quite unique and utterly lovely. This new design “Chloe” has a lovely soft floaty chiffon skirt. The cute sleeve is a half circle of tulle gathered at the shoulder to create a very modern look. Not too overtly fashion just a little different .I recently tried this on a bride with long veil made from a very simple fine tulle. It just looked fabulous.

`Chloe looking so cute on the stand with her low and sweetly shaped neckline.

On the rail at my studio. Im going to need a bigger rail.

 Close up in the sun! This is the Phoebe design. This gorgeous shot really shows the delicate hand finshing that I do. It almost looks like an heirloom piece.

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